Martial Arts USA Est. 1993

       One of the first Taekwondo Masters to come to the United States in the late sixties, Grandmaster Soo Woong Lee opened up his first school on the east coast. His leadership, along with a few others, helped sparked the popularity of the art in America. Grandmaster S.W. Lee’s students became one of the most talked about competitors during the seventies. During the Eighties, he moved to the West Coast to open up a series of taekwondo schools which placed a direct emphasis on developing a program to help change kids lives. Along with his son Will Yun Lee they developed this kids karate success program that helped and continues to help tens of thousands of kids to do remarkably better at school, home, and social settings. You can watch a mini-documentary on our website, in our ABOUT section, on Grandmaster Lee and Will Yun Lee! 

       Martial Arts USA was one of three schools in the bay area owned by Grandmaster Lee. One of his prize students was a young boy who walked into his Napa Studio in 1988, Mr. Scott Sinan. Since becoming a black belt, Mr. Sinan has taught and helped at all of his schools. When the opportunity came to own and run one of the studios, Mr. Sinan jumped at the chance. This young man would pave the way for another generation of young champions to become successful at home and school through the martial arts. 

       Will Yun Lee since developing the children’s programs in the eighties and nineties, moved to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career. He’s appeared in many films and TV shows over the years.

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Tae Kwon Do

Rock Steady Boxing Petaluma

Tae Kwon Do

Offers classes from age 4 and up.

Little Dragons | Dragons | Teens | Adults.


Studio Fit

Rock Steady Boxing Petaluma

Tae Kwon Do

Is our fitness studio that offers a wide variety of classes from Fitness Kickboxing to Strength and Conditioning classes.  Our classes are for everyone from those who want to get in shape. No other workout is more effective or exhilarating! 


Rock Steady Boxing Petaluma

Rock Steady Boxing Petaluma

Rock Steady Boxing Petaluma

This amazing program gives people with Parkinson’s disease hope by improving their quality of life through a non-contact boxing based fitness curriculum. 



Scott Sinan

Owner/TKD Instructor/Studio Fit Instructor/ Rock Steady Instructor 

                                                                                                              At a very young age, Mr. Sinan began his training under 9th Degree Grandmaster Soo Woong Lee in his hometown of Napa, CA. It is there he began his teaching as an assistant instructor, under the direction of both Grandmaster Lee and his son Master William Lee. Mr. Sinan has over 30 years experience teaching and training in the art of Tae Kwon Do.

Today he is a 5th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and a Fundamentals Coach for P.D.R. Personal Defense Readiness, a division of Blauer Tactical Systems.

"My goal is to continue to provide a place for students regardless of age or ability to grow mentally, physically, and spiritually. I believe in the benefits of training in the martial arts and fitness industry." - Mr. Sinan


Yulianna Zyrianov

                       Tae Kwon Do Director & Instructor                                                                

Ms. Yulianna has been training with Martial Arts USA since 1999. She has been training under Master Scott Sinan for 20 years and tested for her 1st degree just at the age of 10 years old. Ms. Yulianna has placed in the top three of her division several times at both the Junior Olympics and Nationals. She made the 2013 AAU National Team, in which she traveled to the German Open to represent the US. Now a 4th degree black belt, she is a head instructor to our Tae Kwon Do Classes and competition coach. 


Ryan Markey

Rock Steady Coach and Director/ Tae Kwon Do Instructor


Ryan Duffy

Tae Kwon Do Instructor

Hello my name is Ryan Duffy and although by now I’ve been at MAUSA for more than half my life, I was reluctant to start. I ignored multiple suggestions by my father to start doing martial arts, instead choosing the regular circuit of team sports. But, before long I was making friends and learning interesting new skills; I was hooked. Some belts came and went in a blur, while others dragged on for what felt at the time like many months. There were highs, like competing in 3 national tournaments, and lows, like getting a back kick in the mouth and being brought to the ER. But through it all, I relied on the instructors and my peers for motivation. And now, as an instructor, I have the opportunity to guide children down the same path I myself traveled. For this responsibility, I am immensely grateful. I only hope that one (or more) of my students go on to become a better educator and motivator than I.