Two Week Introductory Offer

Tae Kwon Do Groups

Little Dragons (4-6 years old)


 This program reinforces life skills that improve behavior, confidence and learning skills. The children practice balance, coordination, listening skills, memory, respect and discipline while getting great exercise. 

Dragons (7-12 years old):


 This program is a detailed curriculum that focuses on improving not only basic motor skills, listening, and life skills, but challenges the student by adding more of the traditional martial arts training and increasing the level of intensity. 

Teens/Adults (13 & Up)


This program for both teens and adults is a great way to help you stay in shape. You will gain flexibility through our stretching techniques which will decrease your chances of injury in sports and everyday life. You will build strength, tone your body with our dynamic, isometric, and repetitive exercises. By setting goals to achieve new belt levels students are gaining more than just a great workout. You will gain confidence and self-esteem by improving your physical fitness, body composition, skill level and self-defense skills.